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RC 8 ( RX/CX 1000A ) Magnetic Contact

RC 8 ( RX/CX 1000A ) Magnetic Contact

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About This Product

This magnetic door contact transmitter systems offers easy installation with double sided sticky 3M tape and is ideal for entrances that keep their doors closed. Up to 3 year battery life and up to 500 feet transmission range between receiver and transmitter provides a sense of security for most of your needs be it security or customer service. The RC 8 Doorbell system ( CX 1000A ) is compatible with the RC 8 ( TX/RX1000A) and DWA-8 ( TX/RX2000A ) systems. The RC 8 Door bell requires that the door remains closed, and will only work when the door is opened, breaking the contact between the wireless transmitter and magnet. The RC 8 Door bell (CX1000A) also offers three options. It may be used as a door contact transmitter, a push button transmitter or it may set so that when a back door or any other door that needs to be closed will constantly transmit until that door has been closed.

  • •Magnetic detector powered by CR2450 coin cell 3VDC battery (included) •Indoor Wireless transmitter up to 500 ft •Long battery life circuit design •Fully automatic, no alignment required. •Receiver powered by economical 12 Volt DC, UL Approved, plug-in (no batteries to change).
  • •Receiver has a 12 volt relay Operates as accessory power supply for buzzer, siren, speakers or strobe. •Uncomplicated wiring accessories install in minutes. •Universal mounting bracket allows for easy ceiling, wall or side mounting. •Fully automatic and maintenance free (no reflectors or controls to align). •One year warranty against defects in material or workmanship. •Prevents unannounced entry. •Welcomes with a pleasant sounding chime. •FCC Approved •Helps control theft.

CX 1000 A SPECS:

CX1000A Transmitter Specifications

  • Frequency: 430 MHZ
  • Powered by 3 Volt lithium coin cell Battery (included) designed for long battery life
  • Sends a wireless signal up to 500’
  • Easy installation with included 3M sticky tape
  • Can be used as either a push button or a door switch
  • Simple programming by using dipswitches
  • Option to chime every 5 seconds if door is left open 
  • Rodann RX1000A  Receiver Specs

    • Receiver powered by economical 12V DC, UL Approved, plug‐in power supply (no batteries to change).
    • A 12VDC terminal screw gives the ability to add accessories such as a strobe or siren or one of our timers for a longer timed output
    • With a choice of 4 pleasant sounding chimes, you can have multiple sensors each with a unique chime sound
    • Chime Volume control
    • Programmable 5 second delay between rings



Connect to  12 volt relay on back of receiver if additional time is needed .

the timer will have a timed output of 2, 5,10 minutes or indefinitely .

Plug in a lamp or series of lights , or siren or any accessory up to 250 Watts max

Originally this timer was made by Design Tech , then STI .



his strobe can be used for the hearing impaired as well for use in noisy environments. The amber color is best suited for this purpose. The strobe has a flash rate of 90 flashes per minute. The strobe may be used with any 12 volt relay


  • For "informative" general signaling requirements
  • Incorrect polarity cannot damage circuit or draw current
  • Easy 2-wire installation, regardless of voltage. Also, if the strobe light is being powered by a battery, as the battery is drained the strobe light will continue to function
  • Low current consumption with long operating lifespan of over 300 continuous hours (2,000,000 flashes)
  • Includes choice of amber, blue, clear, or red lens
  • Lens is made of high-impact resistant acrylic, case of high-impact resistant ABS plastic
  • Use in temperature ranging from -22ºF (-30ºC) to 140ºF (60ºC)



  • Synchronized piezo siren and LED
  • Mounts to single-gang box or surface-mount
  • High-impact plastic casing
  • Weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use
  • Simple 2-wire connection
  • Alarm siren sound: 110dB@1ft (30cm) at 12VDC
  • Operating voltage: 6~15VDC
  • Current draw: 90mA@12VDC

Strobe with rotating/ flashing LED and 100 DB Siren

Operating life over 50,000 hours (over 5.7 years)
• Simple 2-wire installation
• High-impact resistant case

• High-impact and heat-resistant lens
• Weather resistant

• Reverse polarity protection
• Visible in all directions
• 5 lens colors available Amber, Blue, Green, Red and Clear
• 5 Vertical LED strips (32 LEDs) increase visibility from various directions
• 6 different flashing options
• Adjustable flashing speed