Collection: Warehouse Door Bells and Chimes

You need a set of warehouse door bells that will work for your business. We're the people that you can trust to supply them.


Working inside of a warehouse is loud. With the many thousands of square footage in the building, combined with the constant noise of both man and machine, hearing anything over the sound of the chaos can be a challenge that doesn't seem doable. The problem with this is that there may be times when someone uses a door bell to get your attention for something important, and you may not hear a thing. This could mean anything from corporate troubles to completely disrupting the flow of the business - and you can't afford to make mistakes.


With our warehouse door bells, you'll hear it no matter where you are or what's going on inside of the warehouse. For starters, we have our wired doorbell. This doorbell has become one of our most popular sellers because it works how it should every time, and at a very affordable price. It comes out of the box with a 12-volt transformer and doubles up with a 12 volt pushbutton.


This gives it the power needed to relay its signal across the entire warehouse in a fraction of a second. It also comes with a powered coated steel speaker box that offers volume control, so you have total control over how loud the volume is inside of the warehouse. Set it to the frequency you need to hear it ring anywhere in the building!


Not into having a wired system set up in your building? That's not a problem! We also have a wireless system. The first thing you'll notice out of the box is that these warehouse door bells rely on a magnetic system for installation. You’ll have everything that you'll need for installation.

Placing the doorbell in your warehouse is easier than you think, so you'll have the setup completed fast and easy. Our wireless door bell boasts the longest transmission range currently known with a 4000 feet line of sight. That's some serious range that allows it to send signals across your warehouse, and at split-second speeds. The receiver also comes with its own magnetic installation equipment and allows you to have excellent volume control, so you can adjust it to the right sound for your building.


Either option comes with high-quality audio and is built to last. Here's what you get when you buy a doorbell through us:


  • Powerful transmitters designed to relay signals across the entire warehouse.


  • Split-second response time to hear the bell ring almost instantly.


  • High-quality materials ensure the doorbell will last for many years.


  • Supreme audio control designed to allow you to customize your volume to fit your standards.


  • Crystal clear audio that you can hear no matter where you are in the building.


You can rely on our warehouse door bells to get the job done. Make sure to buy one of your own today!