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Commercial / Business Grade Magnetic Switch Kits Timed Output

Commercial / Business Grade Magnetic Switch Kits Timed Output

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About This Product

We had an inquiry for a strobe that would only flash as long as the door was open.

After a little hard work we were able to come with something for this customer. in the form a magnetic switch. 

This application may also be used as a siren or strobe or combination .

Timed out put : where the accessory will  activate upon the door opening or after the door is opened at customer selectable output for up to one hour.  

There shall be two different types of timed outputs dependent on the needs of the customer :

{ Type 1 ) Door shall open and alarm will sound for 5 minutes and then cease and reset when door closes


{ Type 2 ) Door shall open and the alarm will sound after 5 minutes and continue until door closes



Included with purchase will be:

  • Strobe or other listed accessory
  • 20 feet wire minimum up to 500 feet ( at additional charge )
  • Magnetic switch
  • Relay to activate the unit
  • Switchable Power supply 
  • Grey PVC  box 
  • Shipping.

This product will come ready to install right out of the box.




Siren or siren strobe combo or chime