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The ENFORCER 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Siren/Strobe

The ENFORCER 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Siren/Strobe

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About This Product

The ENFORCER 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Siren/Strobe is multiple communication and signaling devices in one: siren, internal message, broadcast, and LED strobe. It can connect to an external source to serve as a public address system in daily use. Depending on circumstances or application it can also sound a warning siren, playback your pre-recorded message or custom sound from internal memory, and/or be used as a PA broadcast system. The SH-816S-SMQ strobe is available with either amber, blue, clear, or red lens


  • Multiple devices in one – siren/strobe, internal custom emergency message, and PA system
  • Multiple notification types – strobe, siren, or audio (pre-recorded or broadcast)
  • Multiple audio sources – siren, on-board MP3/WAV, external public address (PA) system
  • Upload your own warning message (MP3 or WAV format, up to 2MB) via micro-USB port
  • 9~15 VDC and low current draw
  • 2 Alarm inputs – input 1 triggers 115dB siren, input 2 overrides input 1 to play custom message
  • 20W Speaker for PA broadcast input (input not to exceed 2V, broadcast interrupts both alarms)
  • Built-in tamper alarm output
  • Weatherproof for outdoor/indoor use, IP65