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Warehouse Wired Doorbell ( WHDB4L )

Warehouse Wired Doorbell ( WHDB4L )

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About This Product


Many have asked for a wired warehouse doorbell with dual tones , volume controlled and flashing lights.

The chime box with the BLINKING LIGHT is very difficult to find these days. Please order soon if you wish to have this chime.

The NON BLINKING LIGHT chime box is a little easier to find. 

After much research we have found the ideal candidate ! 

The WHDB4L will have :

  • 2 Volume controlled tones of up to 85 DB
  • Tones are "DING" or DING  DONG" , both with a HI /LOW setting.
  • Flashing light of up to 8 seconds
  • Also available as a stand alone magnetic switch or may be used an addition to the door bell ( WHSW4L/RC 310 ) Switch will stay active until door closes


  • Chime box with flashing light
  • Industrial Push button  Doorbell of Cast Iron with rubbed oil finish.
  • 12V 20VAC Transformer
  • 6 foot power cord with inline on/off switch ( may not be included due to supply chain shortages )
  • 27 feet 2 conductor wire ( stranded ) may use bell wire of up to 500 feet . Reliable Chimes has tested the bell wire to assure it works as described.
  • Instruction manual .  To use as needed although this product will come assembled.