7 Types of Security Systems You Should Be Using

7 Types of Security Systems You Should Be Using

7 Types of Security Systems You Should Be Using

7 Types of Security Systems You Should Be Using

Burglars are getting more and more creative. Whether you want to protect your home or office, it's essential to stay on top of the latest security trends. From driveway alarms to security mirrors and cameras, there are plenty of options available. To stay safe, consider using the following types of security systems!

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Porch pirates hone their skills to get a few of the five billion packages Amazon Prime ships every year. Electronics, gifts, and home goods whisk away, costing consumers and sellers millions.

Business owners lose their products too. For some who depend on goods like medication, the loss is more than money.

Law enforcement, Amazon, and Walmart are taking steps to prevent these robberies. But securing your home or business starts from the inside.

Protecting your property should be your priority. Here are seven types of security systems you should be using to make sure you and your property stay safe.

Doorbell Cameras

This device is one of the simplest to install. It's also easy-to-use security for homeowners and business owners alike.

When the doorbell rings, the camera turns on. Then, right from a smartphone, you see the person and the audio kicks on.

Some models have the ability to turn on with motion sensors, so you'll see who's there even if they don't ring you up.

For turnkey business owners, you'll not have to get up and answer every time the bell rings.

The same is true for homeowners who would rather not open the door for solicitors. For porch pirates, you can stop their plunder before it starts.

Door Chimes for Businesses

No one has eyes in the back of their head. Several doors at your home or business can be exhausting to answer. Knowing when someone comes through is vital to security.

For business owners with hazards like chemicals, it can be lifesaving. The chime will alert if anyone decides to investigate unattended. You get an alert if a backdoor opens when you're not expecting it.

They're quick to notice when a customer enters without the need to watch the door every minute.

Driveway Alarms

The chances are that you can't see your driveway from every room in the house. But, you sure want to know if someone is driving or walking toward you that you aren't expecting.

A driveway alarm will alert you, and can also light up the way if you're coming home after dark.

Wireless versions are a snap to install. If your driveway is a long and winding road, you'll know that someone's coming long before they see you.

Security Cameras

Cameras are a part of everyday life in most cities. They provide safety for millions of homeowners and businesses.

There is excellent protection with the ability to watch every nook and cranny of homes and business. Cameras help protect information, possessions, and people.

The simple presence of cameras can stop the untoward behavior before it starts. This allows companies or homeowners to set up fake systems to avoid trouble.

Genuine cameras capture high-quality images 24/7. This way, an intruder is on film forever.

Real vs. Fake Cameras

If you're considering using a fake outdoor version, keep a few things in mind.

Professional criminals can spot the difference. In case you have something they want, they know you're not protecting it very well.

Also, employees who believe the cameras are genuine may get a false sense of security. This can lead to leaving cars open or valuables in plain view. This invites more trouble.


Security quality mirrors are typically used in large buildings, such as schools and warehouses, as well as in small areas like convenience stores. They extend the line of vision for long hallways and around blind corners.

These are necessary for businesses that use equipment like forklifts. OSHA recommends using the mirrors for blind corners where dangerous machinery crosses paths.

Different models depend on your needs, with views up to 180 degrees.

Mailbox Alert

Hearing the words "the check is in the mail" can make many people nervous. It will pass through many hands before arriving.

What if it gets lost? What if someone helps themselves to your mail? And how many times do you check for mail during the week?

Security and convenience are both reasons to have a mailbox alert. No more wasting time looking in your empty box or worrying that your check is sitting too long.

Your mail will arrive no matter sleet or snow, and you won't have to face the elements more than once to retrieve it. Inexpensive wireless versions can install in less than five minutes.

Closed-Circuit TV

The grand-daddy of security is the closed-circuit TV option. This type of system is affordable and perfect for homeowners and small businesses alike.

Cameras are available for indoor and outdoor use, and connect to video devices. Most users prefer a PC or laptop, but a DVR can fit too. Up to 16 cameras will ensure that every entry point is secure and viewable in real time.

With options for sound and night vision cameras, every corner of a business or home is visible and recordable. It's a simple process to upgrade or add cameras if necessary.

Scalable equipment is today's standard, ensuring investment doesn't go to waste.

A Few Words on Monitored Security

There's no doubt that monitored security is popular. And, for some, this takes all the work out of dealing with threats. As with any protection, there are drawbacks.

The time it takes between the breach and someone interceding can make all the difference. Robbers will strike when no one is there.

Then, the company will call to find out if it's a real emergency or an accidental trip of the alarm.

The clock can tick several minutes before the police get a notification. But, when businesses or homeowners are absent for a longer time, they know someone's watching.

Choose the Right Types of Security Systems for You

No two businesses are the same, and neither are homes. The best system for you may include several options. For others, a few alarms are enough.

What they all have in common is protection.

We work with many types of security systems in homes and commercial buildings, and we can find the best one for you. Start by looking at our featured products here!

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