8 Best Ways to Deter a Burglar

8 Best Ways to Deter a Burglar

8 Best Ways to Deter a Burglar

How to Deter Burglars

Did you know there are certain things you can do that automatically deter burglars from breaking in? Read on to learn how to deter burglars.

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Did you know that in 2016, over 1.5 million burglaries occurred in the US? The average dollar loss per burglary is over $2,300. Burglaries are common and costly in the US.

The good news is that burglaries have been decreasing. Compared to the burglary rate in 2012, the rate in 2016 was 28% lower. Part of the reason why burglaries have decreased is that technology has gotten better and it's easier to deter burglars.

If you want to protect your home, keep reading for 8 of the best ways to deter burglars.

What is Burglary?

The FBI defines burglary as "the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft." It's important to note that there doesn't have to be use of force present in order for an incident to be classified as a burglary.

Even if the burglar is unsuccessful, he or she could still cause damage to your home or property. A complete or attempted burglary also might cause you to be fearful in your own home. The impacts of burglary go beyond any damaged or stolen belongings.

How To Deter Burglars:

To deter burglars, you need to make your home as unappealing as possible. And if burglars do choose your home, you want to make it as hard as possible for them to be successful. Some local police departments offer home security checks where they will come to your home and take a look around and offer suggestions to improve security.

1. Get a Home Security System

Don't just get a security company sign or sticker in your yard. Actually get a security system that will protect your home. You can get all the bells and whistles or a basic system, but the goal is to get something to scare away burglars if they manage to get in.

When choosing a monitoring company, make sure you have one that has a fast response time and think about whether you want the police to be automatically notified in an alarm event.

Additional features of a home security system can include fire monitoring and two-way communication with the monitoring company if there is a health emergency. They can send local firefighters or paramedics if necessary.

2. Lock Your Doors

This one seems obvious. You should always lock your doors. Deadbolts and knob locks should be locked at all times, even when you are in the home. Patio and sliding doors should have special anti-entry devices to prevent them from being removed from their frames.

If you like to leave windows or screened doors open on nice days when you are at home, you can invest in screen locks that are sturdy and keep out unwanted visitors.

3. Install Security Cameras

The presence of a security camera outside could potentially deter a would-be burglar. Even if they do enter your home, security camera footage can help police catch the burglar or burglars.

Get cameras with night vision to record even when it's dark and make sure they have the ability to store a few days' worth of footage.

4. Install Motion Lights

Motion lights outside of your doors and around the sides and back of your home will deter burglars because bright lights at night draw attention to the home. Make sure any dark or shadowy areas around your home have motion lights.

5. Keep Valuables in a Secure Safe

Don't just hide valuables in your closet or under your mattress. Put them in a secure safe (not one that a burglar can carry away). Make sure that they can't remove the safe from the home and secure it with a security code.

6. Make Sure Your Doors and Windows are Visible

Your landscaping can actually keep burglars away. Keep your trees and bushes trimmed, entryways well lit, and remove any obstructions in front of and around your home. If you can't see your house from the street, you've created a prime environment for a burglar to enter your home undetected.

You can even think about planting thorny bushes in areas that are most vulnerable to keep would-be burglars away.

7. Don't Share Travel Information

While it's tempting to share information about your upcoming vacation on social media, resist that urge. You should also wait until you are home before posting pictures from vacation too. Don't make it known to anyone except for a trusted few people that your home will be unattended.

Social media is too easily viewed by those who might have nefarious intentions. Keep your home safe by keeping your travel plans to yourself.

Many local police departments have programs that allow you to share your travel dates with them and they will do a weekly check on your home. Check to see if your local department offers this service and take advantage of it if they do.

8. Get a Dog

You don't need a big dog to protect your home. A small or medium-sized dog who can make a lot of noise if there are unwanted visitors at your home will do the trick. Burglars will often avoid houses where there is a dog, especially a small dog that barks a lot.

Barking dogs draw unwanted attention to a home, so burglars are less likely to target these houses.

The Bottom Line

Use these suggestions for how to deter burglars to shore up your home. Especially as we are coming into the holiday season where people will be traveling, homes will have valuable items, and social media will be full of holiday travel posts, you want to make sure your home is secure.

We sell many products to help secure your home. Take a look around and see how we can help keep your home and your belongings safe and sound.

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