The Outlook for Business Security 2017

The Outlook for Business Security 2017

Are you a business that wants to do all it can to protect its information and assets? Here is the outlook for business security in 2017.

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Global economic changes are enough to make a business owner's head spin.

Insights suggest a slowdown of the global economy. Proprietors are wise to think about cutting their budgets.

But if security doesn't make the cut your business could be headed for a different kind of spin.

A financial tailspin into the world of cyber attacks.

Here's what you need to know about the outlook of business security in 2017.

The Abridged Outlook

43% of cyber attacks are on businesses with less than 250 employees. While the news reminds us of hacks on conglomerates like Target, Home Depot and Sony, the reality is no one is safe. The unfortunate truth is small and mid-sized businesses may not be able to handle a hacking event.

2017's outlook brings increasing demand for mobile technology and mounting global uncertainty. Here's a look at the challenges business owners face in 2017.

Moving Away from Global Interdependency

Populist movements like Brexit and Make America Great Again have resonated in 2017. In a world plagued by terrorism, people want the government to focus on issues that affect them.

This has created a climate where nations rely less on one another and more on their own resources. The impact on the global economy is uncertain.

A Growing Interest in Business Security

The outlook for the security industry is strong.

The United States is the leader in consumption of global private security services.

The country accounts for 26% of all use of security services. This is expected to grow by 5% over the next 2 years. Jobs in this industry are expected to climb until 2024.

Examining Your Company's Risk Profile

As security demands grow in a changing world, cybercrime has also changed. It has grown from an individual threat to an industrial complex. This trend will continue to evolve with technology.

To protect against professional cyber attacks, business owners must examine their risk profile. A thorough examination brings to light vulnerabilities. It helps to determine the best use for the budget.

Companies can do this by internal audit, or with the help of a professional.

But while countries move away from dependency, individuals are staying connected. A surge in tech linking business owners with global partners means a new threat to assess.

Pulling It All Together

A new political climate has made uncertainty in the global economy, but it's not all doom and gloom. The outlook is good. Businesses are expected to grow, jobs will be created and the economy will continue to ebb and flow.

The threat of cyber attack is more real than ever for small to mid-sized businesses. Keep yourself ahead of the cybercrime industrial complex by investing in security.

That could mean hiring a company to conduct a risk assessment or to protect your assets. Whatever you choose you can't let cyber security be an afterthought. Or you may end up in the headlines for an avoidable breach.

Make a plan to protect your biggest asset, your business security. There's never been a better time for technology advances to protect you. Don't wait until you are a victim.

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