What Kind Of Security Camera Do I Need for My Business?

What Kind Of Security Camera Do I Need for My Business?

Security systems are extremely important in businesses of all kinds. One of the most essential aspects of a security system is one or more security cameras that serve as an extra pair of eyes and prevent vulnerabilities in your business. Security cameras are good for more than just preventing theft: they provide protection, visibility, and even ensure the safety and productivity of your staff! In this article, we’ll talk about the different kinds of security cameras so you can select the type that best suits your company! Ready to shop for security cameras from industry leading brands & manufacturers? Check out the wide selection of security cameras available on the Reliable Chimes & Security online store!

Wired Indoor Cameras

Wired indoor cameras are probably what you picture when you think about a camera inside a store. These security cameras connect to a central recording device through a wire or cable and do not require batteries because they are hooked up directly to your building's electricity supply. Because of the wiring necessary, wired indoor security cameras typically require professional installation.

Wireless Indoor Cameras

Wireless indoor cameras connect to a WiFi network and store their video in the “cloud”. These cameras are popular because they are easy to install and do not require a central recording device or complicated wiring. Wireless indoor cameras can either be plugged into a regular power outlet or run on batteries, depending on the model.

Wired Outdoor Cameras

Wired outdoor cameras, much like their indoor counterparts, connect to a central recording device somewhere inside the building and therefore typically require professional installation. These cameras are either weather proof on their own or are placed within a weather-proof shell so they will still function properly in the elements. Wired outdoor cameras typically have a wide field of view so they can “see” and record a large area.

Wireless Outdoor Cameras

Wireless outdoor security cameras are typically a little bit larger than wireless indoor cameras. These cameras are weather-proof and can be mounted on walls or rooftops using screws. These cameras can be plugged into a weather-proof outlet or run on batteries, making them fairly easy to install as long as you can reach the part of the building where you want them mounted.

Floodlight Cameras

Floodlight cameras are outdoor cameras that can be wired or wireless and include a floodlight that activates in tandem with the camera. These floodlights have two main purposes: they can spook intruders and capture footage more clearly during the night.

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