Which Type Of Security Camera Housing Is Right For My Business?

Which Type Of Security Camera Housing Is Right For My Business?

If you’re thinking about investing in one or more security cameras for your business, it’s important to understand the different types of camera housings and their benefits so you can select the cameras that are right for you. There are three main types of security camera housings: bullet, vandal dome, and turret dome. Each of these camera housings has different pros and cons that we’ll cover in this article to help you decide which type of security camera housing is right for the security system at your business! If you are looking to purchase a high-quality, affordable security camera for your business, shop a wide selection of them online from the Reliable Chimes & Security online store!

Bullet Camera Housings

Bullet security camera housings are probably what you picture when you think about a traditional-looking security camera. These camera housings have a long, cylindrical or rectangular shape, and are designed specifically to be noticeable so they can deter potential criminals. These camera housings are typically weatherproof and usually have a shield that hangs over the lens that keeps it protected from rain, snow, and glare from the sun, making them ideal for outdoor use. The downside to bullet housings is that people will easily be able to tell where the camera is pointing, giving potential criminals a good idea of where the blind spots will be around your business.

Vandal Dome Camera Housings

Vandal dome camera housings are the dome-shaped security cameras that are typically attached to the ceilings of businesses. These camera housings have a dark-tinted cover that shields the lens. While this cover does not affect the video recorded by the camera, it helps hide the direction that the lens is facing, making it nearly impossible for would-be criminals to determine where the blind spots inside your business are. Vandal dome camera housings are more discreet than bullet housings, allowing you to place them discreetly throughout your business without gathering as much attention from customers and potential criminals.

Turret Dome Camera Housings

Turret dome camera housings are a hybrid of bullet housings and vandal dome housings. Like vandal dome housings, these housings are round in shape and armless, so they are typically installed on the ceilings of businesses. The difference is that turret dome camera housings do not have a dark-tinted cover; instead, they have a ball and socket like setup, allowing you to manually rotate the camera to aim it at the direction you want to monitor. Turret dome cameras are a good middle ground between the two other types of camera housings mentioned above!

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