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The BBT-2500 wireless photo beam is a solar powered wireless infrared photo beam sensor that is simple to install and requires no wiring. This photo beam sensor is powered by lithium ion batteries that are recharged through the solar panels during the day. Because the unit is self powered there is no need to run wires for power. Installation time can be as little as a few minutes. The infrared sensing terminals can be mounted up to 300 feet apart and will send a signal back to the DCR-2500 receiver up to half mile ( realistic will be about 1800 feet in most circumstances) away anytime someone passes between the sensors. The wireless photo beam sensor will not be activated by any motion outside of the monitored beam. The sensors use dual beam technology so small animals and small objects are not affected . It can be mounted high enough to avoid dogs and other animals but it will detect any intruder walking through the beam area. The beam sensor is ideal for outdoor applications such as storage lots, or trucking companies that want to monitor traffic, lumber yards, car dealerships, and many other uses. Multiple photo beam sensor pairs can be used to send a signal to one receiver if you wish to set up a perimeter or to monitor multiple areas. Each set will consist of : One photo Beam Transmitter and Lithium Ion batteries with Reflector and one volume controlled four channel receiver. Additional Photo Beam sensors may be used to maximize security coverage


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