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Commercial overhead door alarm with back up alarm

Commercial overhead door alarm with back up alarm

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About This Product

With this pre-assembled overhead door alarm kit your requirements will be met by letting know if your overhead has been opened or opened too long with the timed output option.

The timed output option may be set from 1 second to 1 hour

The momentary will activate immediately and cease when the contact is closed


12 volt backup alarm ( tone is beep, beep at 120 Db) or other options.

Options include Strobe , Strobe with siren, Mini Strobe with siren, Siren, Buzzer and a Large Muti-function strobe with siren, PA or user programmable message or tone

12 volt transformer / power supply 

Commercial grade magnetic switch 

25 feet of wire( 20 feet from grey box to accessory,  5 feet to commercial grade magnetic switch)

Grey box housing the electronics

Assembled in the USA


1 year