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3 AA NICAD rechargeable batteries( included) for use at night ; use solar during the day to recharge during the day and to power the powerful strobe Provides appearance of a real security camera with PIR that will detect motion UP TO 25 FEET away and cause the strobe to flash. The strobe is very bright at night And side metal clasp to secure camera housing Dimensions are 8.25 inches x 2 3/4 and 3 1/2 inches. Warning decals included $44.95 Shipping DESIGNED FOR INDOOR /OUTDOOR USE Volume discounts available

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  • Can you connect to mobile phone when your away

    This Camera is a fake or simulated camera . It can not connect to any mobile phone.
    However this camera can :  iHDIRBFIOPIR , Security Camera Motion activated with strobe and siren 

  • How many times does it strobe,once like a camera or more

    The camera will emit a BRIGHT flash once then reset.

  • Can you make the light just turn on and off with motion? (not strobe)

    Sorry, this is not possible