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Wired Warehouse Door Bell with Firebell

Wired Warehouse Door Bell with Firebell

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About This Product

Working inside of a warehouse is loud. With the many thousands of square footage in the building, combined with the constant noise of both man and machine, hearing anything over the sound of the chaos can be a challenge that doesn't seem doable. The problem with this is that there may be times when someone uses a door bell to get your attention for something important, and you may not hear a thing. This could mean anything from corporate troubles to completely disrupting the flow of the business - and you can't afford to make mistakes.


With our warehouse door bells, you'll hear it no matter where you are or what's going on inside of the warehouse. For starters, we have our wired doorbell. This doorbell has become one of our most popular sellers because it works how it should every time, and at a very affordable price. It comes out of the box with a 12-volt transformer and doubles up with a 12 volt push button.

Want to add acessories later ( ie another bell or strobe ) simply connect the acessory to the existing wiring for the bell, strobe , siren , etc. 

Should you wish to have a custom , preconfigured system please call us at 8006414111 for a quote.

Or if you wish to have a hybrid system (  heavy duty wired button to a wireless transmitter transmitting to a wireless receiver), we can do that as well. Please call 8006414111

Your order will arrive in a ziplocked bag to insure all contents will easily be accessed on opening

Includes 25 feet of wire to the bell; 25 feet to the Heavy Duty Nickel Plated Brass push button and mounting screws and anchors

Momentary output ( when you press the button ) is standard

Pre-assembled in at our office in Virginia, Ready to go right out of the box . No Electrician necessary !

Available with fire bell, siren, strobe ( color choice of AMBER, CLEAR, RED , BLUE OR GREEN) or strobe / siren

Available option of a timed output of 1 second to one hour ( press the button and the user adjustable output will activate the bell ) at an additional cost 


This system shall consist any two accessories ( for example Bell and strobe )with one momentary output board and one timed output board.

Cost for this system is $589.90 . Please call us at 80064144111to place your custom order