Collection: Wired Business Door Chimes and Doorbell Kits

Wired Business Door Chimes and Doorbells

Are you looking for an easy installation wired door bell kit for your warehouse or other business? Our wired door bell kits are easy to install and ready right out of the box! Our installation kits will save you the hassle of finding an electrician, waiting for days for someone to come out, and extra installation fees. Time is money, and limited, which is why our doorbell kits are the right option for any business.


Since each kit is ready for use as soon as you get, installation only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is figure out where to hang your doorbell and run the wires from the push button to the chime box. Concealing wires for a professional look is also a breeze because these wires are small and conform to any position you want.

Custom Wired Warehouse Doorbell Systems

Reliable Chimes & Security also offers custom wired warehouse doorbell systems that are tailored to businesses specific needs! Some of the devices we commonly include on our custom systems include:

  • Wired Doorbell Kits
  • Magnetic Switch Kits For Regular Doors
  • Magnetic Switches For Commercial Overhead Doors

Accessories Include:

  • Alarms
  • Strobes
  • Fire Bells
  • Other Components That Are Customized To Your Specific Needs

Click here to learn more about the custom warehouse doorbell systems we offer & get started designing your custom system today!

Your Wired Door Chime Systems Expert!

Our company has been around since 1991. We have been a leading provider for small businesses everywhere with their doorbells and other products. We have used this time to learn more about our market and customers to give you the best advice and customer service. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

These easy to install wired door bell kits come in the following configurations:

  • Siren
  • Siren with Strobe
  • Mini strobe with siren
  • Fire bell alarm
  • Chime or buzzer

Features of All Kits:

  • Ready to install- NO NEED FOR AN ELECTRICIAN
  • 20 feet of wire minimum
  • Magnetic switch for chime kits
  • Doorbell pushbuttons only for doorbell kits
  • Relay activation for units
  • Switchable power supplies
  • Ships in a PVC grey box
  • Shipping included on most orders

If you are looking for the best product that will save you time, money, and stress, buy our Wired Door Business Chime Kits today. You will be surprised at how easy to install and affordable it is.