3 Important Features Of Business Door Chimes

3 Important Features Of Business Door Chimes

Commercial door chimes are essential assets for all kinds of businesses because of the benefits they bring to a company’s security, customer service, & more! There are many different types of business door chimes, each with different features and functionalities, making some commercial chimes better fits for certain types of businesses than others. In this article, we’ll talk about three business door chime features that you should think about when you’re deciding which commercial chime is right for your business! If you’re looking to purchase a doorbell that’s the perfect fit for your business, Reliable Chimes & Security has what you need! Shop our wide selection of business & warehouse door chimes on our online store!

Wired vs. Wireless

There are two main types of commercial door chimes: wired and wireless. Wireless doorbells use a transmitter and a receiver that connect to each other via radio waves. When someone pushes the button or opens the door that triggers the chime, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver, which then plays the desired sound. Wired door chimes work similarly, but the transmitter and receiver are connected via a physical wire, which means they are less portable and require a more complicated installation. Most wired door chimes also plug into the building's main power source, so if the power goes out, they won’t be able to function.

Added Features

Another thing to consider when selecting a business door chime is any added features that could benefit your business. For instance, some door chimes have video recording capabilities that can essentially act as a built in security camera, making them a good fit for stores and other types of businesses that are primarily concerned with security. Other added features can include strobe lights, bells, buzzers, and more.

Chime Trigger Type

Different door chimes can be set to trigger the chimes sound from different actions. For example, many door chimes require you to push a button in order for the chime sound to happen. For many businesses, the better option is to get a commercial chime that makes a sound when someone opens a door. Deciding which chime-trigger is appropriate for your business is crucial for deciding which door chime is right for you! 

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