7 Top Tips to Help You Choose Between Security Camera Types

7 Top Tips to Help You Choose Between Security Camera Types

Real or Fake: 7 Top Tips to Help You Choose Between Security Camera Types

7 Top Tips to Help You Choose Between Security Camera Types

Security cameras can be a smart investment, but what type of camera should you go for? Here are 7 top tips to help you choose between security camera types.

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When former burglars were asked about what deterred them from breaking into people's home, the number one deterrent was CCTV cameras. The next on the list were barking dogs, strong doors, and a television switched on. 

If you want to protect your home or business, you may consider installing security cameras. 

Need some help on which security camera to choose? Keep reading for 7 top tips to help you choose between security camera types. 

Different Security Camera Types

There are several different options when it comes to choosing between different security camera types. Here are the most common types. 

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras have a round shape and are usually installed on ceilings or walls. They can be used both indoors or outdoors.

These cameras have a wide viewing angle and can be easily installed. They also have features such as heat and motion sensors and night vision. 

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras have a long, cylinder shape and are probably the most commonly recognized cameras. Because of their obvious appearance, they can be a deterrent to burglars. These cameras can be placed indoors or outdoors. 

These cameras may also be easily be tampered with because of their obvious appearance. Also, they can only point at one view at a time, so if you want different angles you will have to install more than one in a location. 

Discreet Cameras

If you don't want your camera to be visible, you can install discreet cameras in your home or business. These cameras may look like another object such as a smoke detector. 

Smart Cameras

With the latest technology, you can install smart cameras. This way, you can control your camera with voice commands and monitor through your smart home system. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Security Camera Type

Not sure what kind of security camera to choose? Here are our top tips.

1. Decide the Type of Camera You Need

Do you need a highly visible camera to deter thieves from your place of business? U.S. businesses report losing $60 billion every year from retail losses such as theft.

Think about the purpose of your security cameras. Do you want to install them around your home to prevent burglary and protect your home and family? Do you want to monitor restricted areas at work?

2. Indoor or Outdoor Cameras?

If you live in a location with extreme temperatures, you might want to invest in cameras for outdoor use. In places with heavy rainfall, you want a durable camera that will work despite the wet weather.

If you need a camera for a place of business, you should think about the work environment. If you need cameras at a factory where conditions can get humid, you might need an outdoor camera. 

3. Consider Using Fake Cameras

Another option to consider is using fake cameras. For some places, fake cameras can serve as a deterrent from any crime taking place.

However, there are things to consider if you install a fake camera. If you have a dummy camera in a place of business, you may be liable to legal trouble.

Fake cameras may give people at your business a false sense of security. If a crime happened and they ask you to review the camera, and they find out the camera wasn't real, they might have grounds to sue you. 

Also, experienced criminals may be able to tell the difference between a real and fake camera. A criminal may see the red lights and lack of wires, which are giveaways for fake cameras. Real cameras won't have an obvious red light.  

You should install fake cameras in a location where the chance of crime is low. An example of this is in a safe neighborhood where break-ins are rare. A fake camera may scare away amateur thieves. 

You can also install fake cameras in addition to real ones. If you only have enough in your budget for one or two cameras, you can add fake ones to make your place look more secure.  

4. Decide How Much Area You Want to Cover

You should decide how many cameras you'll need and how much space you want to cover. If you're covering a small space, you might only need one camera with a wide angle view.

If you have a space with multiple floors, you'll need several cameras to cover everything. 

5. Do You Need Audio?

Another thing to think about is if you need audio surveillance. However, make sure you know surveillance laws if you're recording audio in the workplace. 

6. Consider the Quality and Lighting

Do you need a security camera at night or low light conditions? Then you need a camera that works best at night. You can also purchase a security camera that provides its own light to get better images. 

You should test cameras in different lighting to see how clear the images are. 

7. Can You Do with Another Alternative?

If you have a tight budget but still need a form of security, consider alternatives to security cameras. If you have a retail business you can get wireless door chimes that activate by a motion sensor. This way, you'll know when customers enter and leave your store.

For your home, you can consider driveway alarms which also work through sensors.

Final Advice on Choosing Security Cameras

Security cameras are important tools for keeping your home or business secure. 

Want to learn more about security camera types and about other home security products? Check out our listings.

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