9 Ways to Make Your Wireless Door Chime Fit Your Decor

9 Ways to Make Your Wireless Door Chime Fit Your Decor

9 Ways to Make Your Wireless Door Chime Blend in With Your Company's Decor

Do you want your wireless door chime to blend elegantly with your company's decor? Here are 9 ways to do just that.

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A wireless doorbell is essential for most modern-day offices.

It provides a small measure of security that is important to workers today. And the wireless feature makes it a convenient option with unlimited reach and no messy cables.

But the look of the modern office space is changing.

Walls are being torn down and replaced with coworking spaces. These areas are a stark representation of brand ingenuity, drawing inspiration from brand colors, logos, and carefully chosen architectural styles.

Savvy business leaders who are laser-focused on branding can make sure their wireless door chimes match any office environment using these tips.

#1 Find a Pre-Manufactured Chime Cover

Chime covers come in a number of shapes, sizes, and styles. The easiest way to match your office decor is to find a cover you like, purchase it and use it as is.

If your office has a fresh, cedar vibe look for a panel of light colored wood to cover your chime. If it's has a gothic architecture style, find one that looks wrought iron.

For a modern office, there are metallic covers. And for shabby-chic offices, there are covers that look like barn doors. You get the idea.

The experts manufacturing chime covers have considered the basics of every type of office and applied that to their designs. This makes pre-manufactured covers easy and convenient.

#2 Apply Wallpaper

The great thing about chime covers is that they preserve the actual unit, and don't make creative changes to it. We don't recommend applying paper, paint or otherwise decorating the unit itself.

However, for the more artistically inclined business leaders, you can make changes to your favorite cover that allow it to match your brand. At least, that's what we are suggesting with wallpaper.

Use a wallpaper that matches your office decor and design to place over smooth panels on a chime cover.

#3 Use Personalized Contact Paper

Like wallpaper, you can use contact paper on a wireless door chime cover. This contact paper can be personalized to include a logo or name.

If your brand follows a strict style guide, you can have the paper printed in the exact colors of your brand.

Likewise, you can use images printed on contact paper to create a durable sticker for your wireless door chime.

For instance, making it look like a keyboard, cassette tape, or other iconic rectangular images.

#4 Pay Attention to Color

Paper isn't the only way to get a splash of color on a wireless door chime cover. You can paint it!

But whether you choose to print the exact colors you need or go a little more rustic, to make your wireless door chime blend in you have to pay attention to color.

If your brand is known for bright colors and contrast, there are a number of possibilities to strongly brand your door chime.

For a bold approach, use bright logo colors on the unit itself. But for brands that take a more subtle approach to decor, don't forget complimentary colors.

That is to say, if you have a bright green accent wall, don't be afraid to include a little burgundy on your chime cover to complement it.

#5 Use a Wireless Door Chime Tone To Represent

In addition to the many things you can do to make a door chime blend in with your decor, visually, you also have some choices for auditory brand harmony.

Most door chimes come with several tone options.

They could range from a simple gong to something that sounds more like a message coming through a morse code channel. Some units even allow you to record your own chime.

You have the freedom to choose the chime to set the tone in your office. Use it wisely.

#6 Make It Accessible

If your company is one that invests in making the most socially responsible choices, then you've probably noticed things in the office are accessible to people regardless of height or physical ability.

A good way to make your wireless door chime blend in with the rest of your user-friendly decor is to make it accessible too.

That means low positioned doorbells, possibly even signage that includes brail and using a tone for your door chime that isn't distracting.

Maybe consider using colors that have a positive effect on mental health.

#7 Get Creative

Door chime covers don't have to be conventional. Take the folks who opted to use this beautiful, round IKEA bowl.

If you want to blend your door chime cover with your brand and decor, you have room to be creative and choose artistic coverings.

A door chime cover can be something like a strategically placed painting.

It can also be something you create yourself using any number of media, shapes, and sizes.

Whether you choose a found object or create it from scratch, the sky's the limit when you make your own cover.

#8 Hit The Thrift Store

If using a found object to cover your wireless door chime sounds like it may be the accent you need for your office, then maybe it's time to hit the thrift store.

Your local thrift store is a treasure trove of cuckoo clocks, paintings and other textiles that might make the perfect chime cover.

Whether you are looking for modern stylings or shabby chic, go thrifting and keep your eyes open to find the best deal on a chime cover.

#9 When All Else Fails, Hide The Chime

Most chimes are pretty easy to conceal by positioning them underneath a steep shelf, on the inner corner of a book-case, or placed strategically behind a mounted monitor.

There are a number of office placements that can hide your chime. Including this creative way of shelving your chime.

Don't Fret, Branding Aficionados!

Business leaders and visionaries in today's technology-driven world care about what their office says about their brand. And it shows!

For those considering a wireless doorbell, making sure your chime blends with your office decor and culture is easy with these tips.

For more information like this, and to buy your wireless doorbell with chime, visit our site.

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