Battery Life in Wireless Door Chimes

Battery Life in Wireless Door Chimes

Door chimes or doorbells are a useful tool to notify home and business owners when they have a visitor. The visitor presses a button that triggers a chime inside the building. Homeowners have been using doorbells for many years. However, these little devices are now also proving to be quite helpful for a business like clinics and warehouses as well as restaurants and manufacturing facilities. 

Wireless Door Chimes and Their Battery Life 

Wireless door chimes can be your best option if you are looking to install or replace your home or business door chime. Because they are powered by batteries and don’t need a wire, they’re usually quick and straightforward to install. A door chime comprises two different parts: the transmitter and the receiver. You can install the transmitter part of a wireless door chime near the house or office door. This is the part that uses buttons that visitors can press to ring the bell. The transmitter buttons use long-lasting lithium batteries, so they won’t need to be changed particularly often.

On the other hand, the receiver part of a door chime is placed inside the home or office. This can be plugged right into an electrical outlet in the wall or be powered by a set of batteries. The battery life for wireless door chimes is impressive as you won’t need to replace the batteries for as long as two years.  

Wireless vs. Wired Door Chimes 

Both wireless and wired door chimes are incredibly effective at performing their job of notifying people about visitors. While some people prefer wireless door chimes, others love the traditional wired ones. Have a look below at the advantages of wireless door chimes to help you choose what suits your house or office needs the best!

Wireless Door Chimes Advantages 

  • Versatile: As they do not need connections to the electricity output through wires, you can install them in any area you wish.  
  • Easy to Install: You don’t need to be a professional to install wireless door chimes. You only need to use an adhesive strip to attach the transmitter button to the back of a unit. You may use batteries for the indoor receiver or plug them directly into the wall. 
  • Can Use Extenders: You can easily use more than one indoor receiver with your wireless door chime as it offers the option of extenders. You can install additional receivers in your home or office if it covers a large space.

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