Do You Have a Secure Business? 5 Signs Your Business Isn't Safe

Do You Have a Secure Business? 5 Signs Your Business Isn't Safe

Do You Have a Secure Business? 5 Signs Your Business Isn't as Safe as You Think

Do You Have a Secure Business? 5 Signs Your Business Isn't Safe

You may think your business is secure, but you could be wrong. Here are 5 signs you don't have a secure business and how to keep it protected.

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How much have you invested in your business? What happens if you lost it all?

Keeping a secure business is vital to a successful business. If your security measures are not up to par, your business can be in serious danger.

Want to know how to keep yourself in the know on business security? 

Here are some tips that we can help with.

Secrets to Establishing a Secure Business

There are many dangers to an established business. Danger can strike both at a physical location but also to an online establishment.

For our purposes here, we will be focusing on the physical. Many of these tips and tricks can help an online store, as well.

The first sign of an unsafe business starts with all the small little practices that may open yourself to burglary and danger. 

Many thieves like to look around a place before breaking in later on. Something as simple as a "No Soliciting" sign can help sort out some of the more obvious troubles. 

Be mindful of your customer base. It can be bad form to follow around everyone who enters your store to look around. You don't want to seem untrusting.

What you should do is instead make sure that there is a constant awareness from whoever works at a given time. Use this to your advantage. Get to know your regulars.

Securing the Perimeter

This is the biggest, and easiest, tip to cross off your list. 

Locking your doors is an easy and obvious way to secure a building. Don't stop there! Getting a security system to check your doors will be super helpful.

During store hours, a simple door chime keeps your employees aware of anyone entering and exiting your shop. This will keep them trained on monitoring and greeting every customer.

After the store closes is when thieves strike. There are many different alarm systems on the market. Keeping the door monitored is the first major step towards protection when you lock up.

Keeping an Eye on Your Business

Security chimes are good but don't give you a visual on what is going on in your business. You need good quality security cameras.

Look around your business and property for the best place to set up cameras.

You want cameras to cover all entrances and exits of the building. As well, having cameras overlooking your most valuable merchandise to spot shoplifting is very vital.

The very presence of a security camera is often enough to make a thief or a vandal walk away. Even if it doesn't stop the immediate problem, they will have trouble escaping retribution. 

Connecting all security cameras to a Closed System circuit is vital to their use. The recordings from this system will be vital in identifying the culprits later.

If you have the manpower for it, having someone check the cameras in real time can stop troubles as they happen. This takes a lot of time and can get expensive. It isn't a needed step, as being able to go back to the tapes will be enough.

Security cameras can be a big expense. It is best to look at it as an investment in your business's future. Cameras are a huge part of ensuring you stay in business.

Closing the Employee Weak Link

Employees are the people who have the best access to your business at any one time. It is a risk all business owners have to take, as very few businesses can operate with one person.

Employees don't have to be a problem for your security. They can also be your biggest strength! 

As covered above, employees can keep an eye on the store as they work it. A well-trained employee can react to any of the worst situations. They are your best line of defense and your greatest eye on the store.

Training is an important key. Any employee will need training for the tasks at hand. Extend that training to security as well. Make sure to train your employees in what to spot amongst shady individuals. Keep alertness as a high priority.

Good employees will be a saving grace. Bad employees can be a major detriment.

Keep your own eye out for employees who slack off on security. Sometimes, a slacking employee is not doing their job. Other times, it can be a sign that they may be a security threat themselves. 

A level of trust for all your employees builds a good working environment. It is good that they know you are willing to give them a chance.

That said, only give true power over security to employees who have earned it. This includes security codes, the ability to watch over security tapes, and keys to the store itself.

Passwords to Protect

All security systems, to some degree, have levels of passwords needed to operate them. These passwords will need to be your well-guarded secret. 

The perfect password is easy to remember but hard to guess. Avoid obvious things such as birthdays, phone numbers, and simple number sequences.

If you have many systems with many passwords, do not use the same one for all of them. Diversity will help stop a lucky burglar from breaking through your whole system.

As above, do not give employees access to your security passwords until they have earned a trusted position in the company. 

Passwords also are key to all things digital. Be mindful of email passwords and login passwords that can threaten important information. The last thing a business needs is client information threatened by a weak email password.

Better Security, Better Future

Gaining a secure business is hard work. It requires vigilance and being able to adapt to the world around here.

No matter the route you decide to take in safeguarding your business, we are here to help. We offer professional products, professional installation, and professional services. Let us help you today!

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