Driveway Alarms For Home Security: Everything You Need To Know

Driveway Alarms For Home Security: Everything You Need To Know

There are a wide variety of security devices available to homeowners across the country, each serving a different purpose: security cameras, video doorbells, window alarms, and more. One type of security device that is often overlooked is a driveway alarm, which is a device that can detect people and vehicles as soon as they enter the property. Driveway alarms are perfect for houses and buildings with long driveways, alerting the residents of the presence of someone on their property long before they get to the door. In this article, we’ll talk all about driveway alarms, how they work, and what their benefits are! If you have any questions about driveway alarms or are thinking about purchasing one for your home, shop our wide selection of driveway alarms from the Reliable Chimes & Security online store!

What Is A Driveway Alarm?

A driveway alarm is a specialized security device designed to monitor the area leading up to your house. Unlike a standard home security system, which mainly focuses on protecting the building itself, a driveway alarm extends that coverage. It uses sensors placed along your driveway to detect any movement or the presence of vehicles and people. When something or someone enters this zone, the alarm sends a signal directly to the homeowner. This early alert system gives you extra time to respond and assess the situation.

How Do Driveway Alarms Work?

Driveway alarms operate using sensors to effectively monitor and alert homeowners of activity in their driveways. These include passive infrared (PIR) sensors, magnetometer probes, and rubber hose sensors, each suited for different detection needs. PIR sensors are used to detect infrared radiation from moving objects like people and cars, which helps to reduce false alarms by distinguishing heat patterns. Magnetometer probes enhance this by sensing changes in magnetic fields, pinpointing the presence of metal objects like vehicles. This makes them highly effective for vehicle detection. Lastly, rubber hose sensors activate when pressed down by a vehicle, making them ideal for tracking vehicle movements in and out of the driveway. Regardless of the type of sensor you choose, there will be a receiver placed inside the home that will play a chime or alert sound whenever the sensor is triggered.

The Benefits of a Driveway Alarm

Driveway alarms can have many benefits. Consider a rural home with a long, windy driveway. A driveway alarm detects any entrance onto the property, immediately notifying the homeowner and increasing their preparedness and security. When you invest in a driveway alarm, you can anticipate the following benefits:

  • Driveway alarms alert homeowners when someone enters the property, providing more time to react to incoming visitors and possible threats.
  • Driveway alarms monitor hard-to-see areas, ensuring no part of the property is left unwatched.

Shop Driveway Alarms Online From Reliable Chimes & Security!

If you’re interested in purchasing a driveway alarm, visit the Reliable Chimes & Security online store to see our full selection of affordable driveway alarms! If you have any questions about driveway alarms or any other security product we offer, please don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 641-4111, where a member of our customer service team would be happy to help!

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