Why You Need a Door Chime for Business

Why You Need a Door Chime for Business

Why You Need a Door Chime for Business

Why You Need a Door Chime for Business

Wondering if a door chime for business is the right choice for your needs? We've got the details here on why a door chime is an essential.


You know that sound a door makes when you go into a business? This simple ringing noise comes from a door chime, and it's something every business owner should invest in.

Getting a door chime for business purposes is kind of like having a home doorbell. But, it does more than just signal when you have a guest entering your company's establishment.

Here's a closer look at why door chimes are essential for brick and mortar retailers, restaurant owners, and other small business owners.

Reasons to Get a Door Chime

There are many benefits of having a door chime for business doors. Although the noise a chime makes is simple, and when business is booming, repetitive, each ring of the chime is worth every penny.

Below are four results installing a door chime can have on your business.

1. Understand Efficiency Is Everything

The more efficient you can make your operations, the better. At the end of the day, that's what a door chime for business does.

When you have something to tell you the comings and goings of your customers, you're better able to manage the day.

A door chime is your sense of security that you can go to the back and count inventory or answer emails. All you have to do is be aware of its ringing to stop what you're doing in the back and go to the front of the store.

Similarly, if you're behind the register or helping another customer, the noise of the chime alerts you that there are other people to attend to. These are just a handful of situations in which a door chime for business comes in handy.

2. Support Your Workflow

Sometimes, the best way to make your business more efficient is to change how certain things are handled.

For instance, maybe the restaurant hostess doesn't need to be at her stand when foot traffic is slow. She can be doing other things to make better use of her time. Such is the case with receptionists and greeters, depending on the business model you have.

Let a door chime tell them when to be at the front. The rest of the time, they can be training in other areas of the business, or tasking to support the day's operations.

Tasks might be anything from rolling silverware to cleaning to taking inventory, depending on the kind of industry your company is part of.

3. Track, Monitor, and Adjust

Although a door chime for business purposes is a great tool for your employees, you have to show them how to make the most of it. As you track and monitor how to get the most of this tool, you start to notice other things, too.

That's the true benefit of a door chime - not just for everyday interactions with customers who come and go, but to make the overall use of each resource as beneficial as it can be.

You may find you have too many people positioned at the front of the house, or that you need more employees at the register during certain hours.

Maybe you come to realize you don't need as many new hires as you were getting ready to hire, or that some shifts can be moved around to be more efficient.

4. Improve Customer Service

Through all the tracking and tweaking, your customer service level goes from average to amazing.

Your employees will become more and more aware of the door chime for business that's been installed as time goes on. This makes them better at maintaining and improving the customer service standards of the business.

Such results happen in a handful of ways.

First, the way a door chime tells employees to transition from the back of the business to the front. It's a reminder to go from tasking to serving guests, and back to whatever they were doing.

Second, keep in mind the door chimes every time your entrance is opened, regardless if someone is coming or going. This can help your staff keep an eye out for shoplifting.

Additionally, chimes support staff members as they balance all the needs of every customer who flows in and out.

Different Door Chime for Business Options

You've likely started to realize just how much you need a door chime for your business. But, there's still the matter of figuring out which door chime for business purposes is right for you.

The following is a breakdown of chimes for open doors versus those which you can place at a distance from the front door.

Chimes for Open Doors

Chimes for open doors tend to be the first option customers and managers think of when talking about chimes for business purposes.

These are placed at the front of the store, right at the entrance. They make a noticeable sound for employees and guests to hear, although the volume can be adjusted.

Chimes Made for Distance from Doors

While the option above is great, if you want a more discreet approach, invest in a door chime for business that can be installed somewhere other than the front of the house.

This still helps you keep track of the entry's activity, but it gives you more options to do so. Some business owners prefer to have their chimer all the way in the back of the establishment, in order to signal when it's time to go up front. Others like keeping a subtle chime at a low volume behind the register.

Sometimes, the purpose of a distance chime is to get even more efficiency than available from a chime for open doors. In certain situations, though, it's about not disrupting the customer's experience, while making the employee's job easier to do.

Ordering and Installing Made Simple

Not sure which door chime is best for you? Looking for something you can easily add to your small business budget?

It might be best to get started with a startup package and go from there. This gives you the basic business tools needed to manage safety and productivity a little bit better.

From there, the possibilities are endless - the results just depend on the kind of chimes and alarms you invest in! To establish the basics with your startup package, click here.

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