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Dakota Driveway Alarm Transmitter and Portable Receiver ( MTPR-4000)

Dakota Driveway Alarm Transmitter and Portable Receiver ( MTPR-4000)

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About This Product


With The Dakota combo of the Motion sensor and the portable receiver you ill never miss notification of a visitor any where on your property within the .8 mile range of the portable receiver .



The sensor is a passive infrared wireless motion detector with a 4000 foot radio range. The sensor operates on one 9-volt battery (not included). It will detect a person or vehicle from over 50 feet away and send a signal back to the receiver within a 4000 feet.

Operating Range: -30°F to 120°F



Measures 3"" x 1.25"" x .75"" Receives and stores signal for up to four different zones Each zone will store up to 400 events with a time and date stamp or up to 999 events without a time and date Will come with rechargeable lithium ion battery ( last about 10 days ) and charger LCD display with audible tone for each zone or vibration if desired. The perfect choice for convenience stores, nursing homes, small business, hotels Completely portable receiver - no use to use electrical outlet 4000 feet line of sight transmission FOR USE WITH THE DWA-1,DWA-2,DWA-4 DRIVEWAY ALARM One year warranty


  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -