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DWA-7 Battery-Operated Probe System ( WP5C )

DWA-7 Battery-Operated Probe System ( WP5C )

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About This Product

Think of our car analogy again. Equate the battery-operated probe to an all terrain vehicle. You've seen the commercials. The four-wheel drive 4 by 4 drives through a creek, up the side of a mountain, over piles of rock and through the desert. The idea conveyed tells you that this vehicle can travel anywhere. The same idea applies to the wireless probe system. There are many instances when a battery-operated system is preferred such as the following: Mountainous terrain where it is difficult to trench Extremely firm ground such as a desert where you would have to work hard to bury a 500' foot wire run On a ranch where the nearest building is more than a mile away from the location where you've buried the probe Areas that experience severe lightning storms where a long wire run would act like a huge antennae For difficult situations, the battery-operated probe is your solution. You do not have to worry about running long wire runs. The only wire is the 22/2 AWG burial cable that attaches the probe to the processor. If you can, this wire should be buried; however, if the location is too difficult, you do not have to bury the probe at all. The system will operate fine. DWA-7-2000 ( 5000 feet line of sight transmission range with actual range of 2000- 3000 ft. )This system are available in a dual probe configuration and may be expanded to accept four probes ( each with a different sound by the use of peizo chimes). Each of the transmitters will have a special coating that will enable the DWA-7 to function to a minus 40 F. If desired, the second probe may be substituted for a relay that will turn off the system for a short time as set by the customer. This is accomplished by means of a transmitter about the size of a garage door transmitter. The cost for this system will be the same as that of the dual probe. A door bell option is available for use with the probe or may be used with out the probe. A repeater to extend the range up to four miles is also available . This option must have an AC power outlet. Both models are backed by a one year factory warranty. INTERNATIONAL VOLTAGE CONVERTERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR THIS PRODUCT . PLEASE SEE THE ACCESSORIES PAGE FOR MORE INFO. PART NUMBER: DWA-7-2000(Complete Battery-Operated Control Package). System includes an DWA-7-2000 processor, NEMA III weather-resistant plastic box with a latch for securing with a lock and is mounted on the inside with two screws at the bottom of the rear of the box and with one screw at the top center. ( this would be exposed ) , 2 lithium batteries, a plug-in power supply, a chime mounted on a plastic plate with an on/off switch, 900 MHz Transmitter and Receiver, and a probe with 25 feet of cable.

Operating Frequency range is 902-928 MHZ