How Does A Driveway Alarm Work?

How Does A Driveway Alarm Work?

Driveway alarms are a great way to increase your home or business' security and keep an eye on visitors to your home. Driveway alarms are wireless and motion-activated, allowing them to quickly inform you when someone enters your property. Our team at Reliable Chimes & Security offers a diverse assortment of affordably priced driveway alarms that can help you keep an eye on invaders, guests, and deliveries! Check out our selection of driveway alarms on our online store today!

How Do Driveway Alarms Work? 

Driveway alarms can be either wireless or hardwired. In terms of performance, wireless and hardwired connections are about equal. Alarms can detect movement from walking humans, animals, moving vehicles, and more. Your driveway alarm will send an alert to a receiver inside your home, informing you whenever something moves past a certain threshold on your property: typically the start of your driveway. These alerts are great for security and will let you know whenever a delivery or person is arriving at your home, whether they're expected or not.

Sensor Types & Their Benefits 

There are a few different types of driveway alarm sensors. Here's what you need to know about each type: 

Driveway IR Sensors - A signal is delivered whenever a living object enters the sensor's beam (human, animal, or vehicle). Infrared sensors are popular because they are relatively easy to install and inexpensive. 

Magnetic Driveway Sensor - These sensors detect metal objects (like vehicles) entering your property. This means that animals & birds will not cause false alarms. 

Driveway Sensor with Rubber Hose - These sensors are rubber hoses that run under a driveway to detect automobiles. As soon as a vehicle crosses the sensor, the receiver receives a signal. These sensors' hoses will need to be replaced periodically due to wear, but they're extremely effective for detecting visitors and deliveries!

Photo Beam Sensors – Driveway alarms commonly employ photo beam sensors. Movement is only detected when all sensor beams are disrupted simultaneously. False alarms are rare since animals and birds can't break all the beams at once. These are excellent alarm systems for keeping track of people. 

Driveway Alarm Features 

Modern driveway alarms include several characteristics that help accurately detect vehicles and people, including:  

Safe Zones – Your driveway alarm system should ideally have multiple sensors. A single receiver may watch a driveway or a side of your house. The receiver will alert you to movement based on the location and sensor used. The alert may sound differently in each zone. Others utilize color-changing LEDs to convey signals. 

Aware Transmitters – This feature warns you of a low battery in one of your sensors. Supervised transmitters alert receivers to motion and low battery. You won't know if your batteries are low without it!

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