Collection: Mail Box Alert

Three different mail box alerts to inform you of your mail being delivered with transmission ranges up to 4000 feet.

Why you need one :

Anyone convicted of postal theft faces five years in federal prison, or fines of up to $250, 000. However, it is clear that this has done little to stop the vice.

Why is your mail so precious and what can you do to protect yourself? Read on.

Why Is Your Mail Targeted?

Simply put; for profit.

Think about the information that someone can find from your mail:

• Bills
• Bank statements
• Credit card statements
• Checks or cash
• Tax information
• Employment documents

Though some private data is omitted from such documents, they still give enough information for criminals to piece up.

There are two main ways in which mail thieves would want to get their hands on your mail.

One is the anticipation that mailed packages will contain something with a reasonable monetary value.

Secondly, (and scarier) is to attempt identity theft.

For this, petty crooks will often lift your mail and sell it to individuals running identity theft rackets.

Identity theft is not uncommon; 60 million Americans have fallen victim to it at one point in time.

Checks can also be altered and crooks can get a payment after changing the recipient’s name and the payable amounts.

Another way to profit off your personal information is by making online purchases, opening bank accounts and applying for online loans.

How to Prevent Mail Theft

Seeing how your seemingly harmless mail can be used, the big question is: how do you prevent this from happening to you?

There might not be a way to be 100% mail theft proof. Nonetheless, there are indeed steps you can take to prevent the occurrence and minimize your exposure if it does happen.

1. Invest in a Security Camera

A security camera does not only help you catch thieves after the fact but also, it can act as a deterrent.

The latter is especially useful because it saves you the time you will have to spend filing a report and following up the police about the incident.

For this to be useful, make sure to mount it in an easy to spot place. A prospective thief should be able to spot it easily so as to be deterred.

Even a fake camera is an excellent investment. Look at our line of fake cameras to chose one !

2. Install Mailbox Chimes

If a thief fails to see your security camera, a mailbox chime is a perfect second line of defense. A chime works like a subtle alarm and nothing stops a burglar like the thought of being caught.

A chime alerts you when your mail is delivered (so you can get it). If it’s not on mail delivery day, then you know it’s an unwanted intruder.

You can flash your lights or set the alarm off to get the thug off your property.