Collection: Small business start up package

Have you spent years trying to build your business? You want things to operate smoothly and you don't want to become the victim of the criminal element. With our New Small Business Startup Package, you get:


  • An LED Open Sign


  • Security Sign for Your Front Door or Window


  • Fake Security Camera


  • Business Door Chime


Why do you need these things? Let's take a closer look!


Your LED sign alerts the public to your operational status. Customers know if you are open or closed. The LED light invites people to enter your business while a darkened sign tells them that you're closed. You want potential customers to know you are ready to serve.


Your security sign tells people that you monitor your business on closed-circuit television, even though you don't. Potential criminals don't know the difference. Even a sign is enough to deter thieves from your property. No thief wants to run the risk of getting caught.


A fake security camera acts as an interior deterrent. When hung on a wall or ceiling, it is highly noticeable by all who enter. Anyone considering stealing from your business thinks twice. Only you and your employees know that the camera isn't real.


Your business door chime alerts you to a customer. You know someone has entered your business no matter where you are. As soon as the door opens, the chime sounds and you can get ready to serve your customer or client.


One of the most common questions we receive is how effective fake security is. To be honest, nothing is as good as the real thing, but fooling someone is better than having nothing in place at all. Here's a scenario:


You're in the back room counting inventory when a customer walks in. The customer sees that no one is present in the front of your business. The customer quickly shoves as much of your products as they can into their bag and walks out the door. You are none the wiser until you return to the front and notice your things are gone.


In the same scenario, there's a twist: You have a security sticker and fake security camera. That same customer notices they are alone in the front of your store but doesn't risk stealing your items because they notice your camera. They've also seen your security sticker on their way in. Your inventory is safe.


Which scenario would you rather find yourself in? We know the answer. No business owner wants to realize that they are a crime victim. You don't want to have to file an insurance claim and you don't want to lose money. You've worked too hard for what you've built.


We have different starter packages available at to choose from. No matter which you select, you're protecting your business. You know that your inventory and equipment is safe when you lock up for the night and even when you are open for business. Place your order for our New Small Business package today.