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Dakota DCMA 4K+

Dakota DCMA 4K+

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About This Product

The Dakota Alert will consist of one DCMT 4000 and one upgraded receiver with relays .


One DCMT 4000 with variable sensitivity .

With its infrared technology the DCMT-4000 is able to detect both people and vehicles entering your property, sending a signal as far as 4000 feet away! Operating on one (1) 9V battery the infra red driveway sensor has a detection range as far as 80 feet away! This sensor is then able to communicate to the chime receiver sending it a wireless alert signal. Whether it is your driveway or personal estate, the sensor's long-range capabilities will send a signal to your chime receiver! This long range driveway security system is accompanied by the Dakota Alert DCR-4000 receiver.

This receiver has 12 tones for monitoring different zones .

DCMA 4K + will have form C relays . a 12 volt relay and a timed out put. 

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DCR 4K +