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Motion activated sensor with remote strobe ( HS3605) RC 24

Motion activated sensor with remote strobe ( HS3605) RC 24

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About This Product

Imagine a product that would be able to transmit a short distance when motion is detected. Imagine if that product were versatile enough to turn on an LED, fire bell , strobe or strobe siren combination for a period of up to 10 minutes  

The RC 24 can do just that ! No wiring necessary .

The RC 24 Kit will come ready to go right out of the box ! 

Simply plug in the receiver and mount the transmitter and you are in Business !


  • Plug in receiver is 2.25" x2.5" x 3.75".
  • Timer switch allows choice of On time (6 seconds, 3 minutes, or 10 minutes)
  • Once activated the chosen accessory will reset automatically
  • Audible tone


  • Field of Detection: 140 degree, Range: 60 feet, Controls up to 600 Watts
  • Sensor uses 4 "AA" alkaline batteries (Ray-O-Vac Fusion included)


  • Good for door sensor with strobe , LED( VERY BRIGHT) , siren / strobe , siren , or firebell
  • Monitor porch or close to home.
  • Someone with dementia
  • Restricted areas of business
  • Warehouse intersections where forklifts may cross


  • Strobe or optional strobe siren
  • Optional LED or Firebell will come with 10 feet wire 
  • HS 3605 ( motion sensor and receiver )
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Remote fob for turning on / off
  • Warranty- 1 year